I have been intimately involved with Teilhard’s thought for over fifty years. Our work now is a genuine transfomative Convergence as we evolve out of the so-called Anthropocene Era into another Era we cannot yet name.

About Your Host

from Diane Pendola: Reflections and a Prayer, for restoring and renewing the sacred land that supports our lives

May This Land be Whole Again

“You are the Crown of Creation – and you’ve got no place to go.”

The Crown of Creation fallacy

“All that rises must converge”, says Teilhard. But what of an evolutionary moment where it seems that all is collapsing, instead?

All that Collapses Must Converge

And we’ll be the pulse of all of Creation, when our hearts are beating in rhyme.

When Tomorrow Comes ’round Again

Right here at ground level, in the eyes of a child, there is a hint of the Possible.

In the Eyes of a Child